Creative Daydreaming Begins Today !

What happens when you begin creative daydreaming?

Your personal productivity! Using your daydreaming powers you can become a successful artist. At one time daydreaming was considered a lazy person’s thought pattern, but not any more.

We are learning more and more of the benefits of daydreaming such as…

1. Daydreaming, like flowing water, carries you around apparent obstacles. While daydreaming your right brain can begin to recognize new patterns and possibilities.

2. Envision a clear path into your painting. As you consider the subject of your next painting, take the time to let your imagination guide you.

Ask yourself these questions as you expand the basic composition and allow it to transform into a uniquely original painting.

a) What is the center of interest?
b) What is the dominant color?
c) Does it appear to be close to you or far away?
d) Is the image sharp and easy to identify?
e) What are the supporting colors and objects?

3. As your new day begins, give yourself the gift of pleasant dreams for the day.

There is no one in this space to contradict your dreams, you are free to climb as high and as far as your dreams can take you.

When you are daydreaming be mindful of writing your ideas down and then set goals to turn those dreams into reality.

There is an MP3 awaiting you when you leave your name and email in the upper right corner of this page. Check it out and learn to set your goals so that your dreams can come true!

Remember to “Honor Your Creative Spirit!”…